Consulting Services

If your business needs to innovate, but you feel overwhelmed.  We provide basic instruction, coaching, strategic planning, and most importantly, practical, researched steps for small- and medium-sized businesses to think creatively and efficiently to improve business growth and identify opportunities.

Consultation is a long term relationship

Free Initial Consultation

We’ll walk through a brief, structured survey and interview, to get a quick sense of who you are and what your business is about. Of course, we’ll introduce ourselves, but the focus is on where you are in developing your business strategy, what you’ve tried, and what has or hasn’t worked.

We’ll talk about your goals and how your organization sees growth and innovation opportunities benefiting everyone involved. Innovation in any form must be relevant to your bottom line.

We’ll decide together what next steps make the most sense, then discuss a menu of options for working to move your company forward.

General Assessment

As appropriate, we’ll dig a bit deeper into where you and your company are in developing innovation skills and implementing these practices.

If necessary, we can even talk to your employees or customers about their goals, aspirations, and vision for the company as a key part of their lives, careers, and business plans.

We’ll provide a report, outlining key findings and recommendations, along with some steps to grow capability incrementally. Again, we focus on relevance to your operations and your economics.

Our services have to fit your budget, timeline, and objectives, so trust that we’ll be ready to walk with you through the process.


Here’s where we work side-by-side with you and your staff to train, build capability, and then implement the agreed recommendations.


We want you to succeed. We offer ongoing going mentoring and coaching to help with sustained implementation as well as support developing staff in understanding and supporting continued implementation.

Creativity is not magic. Innovation practices are a science and we can educate everyone in the tools for successful, efficient, and sustained innovation in any business.”

Jim McLaughlin

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