Do We Innovate As We Believe We Do?

When it’s your business to teach creativity and innovation practices, it’s tempting to assume everyone believes that there might be a set of defined steps for innovation or that it’s possible to learn them. Well, as we’ve discovered, not everyone does. Our first published paper following a recent survey of presumed innovators, educators, and just … Continue reading Do We Innovate As We Believe We Do?

Disruptive innovation: No better time

“…a look at three foundational areas undergoing massive disruption and how KM can play a role in driving change through innovation— and not just technological innovation, but people and process innovation as well. The three areas are how we live, how we work, and how we learn.” Art Murray, D.Sc. CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-founder of the … Continue reading Disruptive innovation: No better time

Innovative Collaboration Opportunity

We are both authors and practitioners of innovation methods for students and small businesses. Because we both believe these are skills that have the greatest impact the younger they are taught, we’re working on a new project focused on designing rapid, affordable, engaging methods and instructional practices for innovation and creativity within classroom or teaching … Continue reading Innovative Collaboration Opportunity