#Creativity is FREE – Don’t Pay for #Innovation

Sadly, there are many companies who want to charge money for driving creativity in your organization. They tout their ability to identify solutions that will grow your business or somehow, magically, bring you and your company great opportunity and wealth.

It doesn’t work like that, and the tools to identify solutions are both simple and easily learned.

The history of innovation shows repeatedly that new inventions and even significant improvements stand on the shoulders of a long line of prior inventions and ideas. Nothing is completely new.

CIE Advising, LLC

What is true about all of these inventions, whether the inventor knows it or not, is that creativity follows a relatively limited set of pathways toward success — so limited that anyone can learn them and use them whenever they are needed and wherever they are. We can all be inventors whether sitting at our desks, in meetings, or singing in the shower.

Once you know these techniques, which we share FOR FREE on our website, you really only need support to stay focused and to drive toward value for your organization.

You and your organization already possess the skills to be creative. Pay for help in pointing it out, shining a light on it, and then mentoring your organization in implementing that creativity. You’ll spend less and get more from it, both in company value and in the inherent creativity capacity built within your team.